Edit calendar and offsets


The calendar view is located in the Applicant or IM timetable segment next to Geography.

Calendar view

Running days of the main timetable are marked with stripes. Then each subsidiary timetable has its own colour and the same colour is used in the calendar to show the running days of the particular subsidiary timetable. With the check-boxes next to the timetables it is possible to show or hide the running days of some of them.

There is another check-box below the timetables, called "Only show days not covered with subsidiary". This button could be especially important for those users that are using envelope concept. In that case, they have to cover every day from the main timetable with a subsidiary timetable and this button can help them to check their work, if every day is covered or not.

Next, to the timetables, there are two bars:

  • Circulation days
  • Calendar preview bar

Each bar has a tooltip so if the user moves the mouse over the bars, he will see more details about the running days and the calendar as a preview. The colours that are used the same as everywhere. Light blue represents the validity period and in this case the dark blue the running days from the main calendar. In the case of subsidiaries, the user would see light blue for the validity period and green, purple, etc. colours for the running days of the particular subsidiary timetable.

Calendar and running day preview tooltips

From the calendar view, the user has two options: one is to go to the offsets and the second is to open the calendar in edit mode. First focus on the edit calendar function.

Edit calendars

If the users select the "Edit calendar" button, then PCS will open the calendar in edit mode and the following screen will be shown.

Edit calendar view

The default view is the main calendar (first part of the screen). The user can edit the calendar on the same way as it is described in the 3. step of the Create New Dossier Wizard. If it is necessary to edit the subsidiary timetables and not only the maint timetable, the user has the possibility to select that timetable. So the steps for editing the subsidiary calendar:

  1. Open the calendar in edit mode
  2. Select the particular subsidiary timetable on the left side
  3. Edit calendar (day by day, monthly, etc.)
  4. Save

Please note that "Managed by PCS" subsidiary timetable calendars that were created via Combined PaP/Tailor-made are read-only calendars. For further details please check the relevant documentation by working with subsidiaries.


The subsidiary concepts documentation explains the consistency rules of main and subsidiary calendars. Based on that PCS checks the consistency of the calendars and gives warning to the user. These warnings are marked with yellow and in the tooltip it is written what is the problem, such as:

  • The selected subsidiary day is not selected in the main calendar: this is a warning because the subsidiary calendar should be a subset of the main calendar
  • The selected subsidiary day is selected in another subsidiary: there is an overlapping among subsidiary calendars that is why the calendar is not consistent 

Warnings about calendar inconsistency

Edit offsets

If the users select the "Manage manual offset" button, then PCS will open the offsets in edit mode and the following screen will be shown.

Edit offsets

The default view is the offsets of the main timetable (first part of the screen). The user has the possibility to select the subsidiary timetables similar to the calendars as it was described before.

Offsets are calculated automatically by PCS. Generally, if the system detects a midnight crossing, then it increases the number of offsets. However, it is possible for the user to manipulate the offsets. It can happen that the system doesn't detect midnight crossing, e.g. arrival at 10:00 and departure at 12:00, but the departure is on the day later. In this case, the user can add there an offset using the plus button and system will shift the running days with one for the rest of the route.

Edit offsets


Please note that PCS doesn't know timezones. Potential development is in the pipeline and the introduction of this feature is planned for November 2016. Until then it is recommended to use Central European Time (CET).

In former PCS versions (4.x) it was possible for the user to reduce the calculated offset manually. However, in several cases it leads to inconsistency, especially when the user was working with PaPs. The published, available and requested capacity was sometimes different due to the different usage of offsets on the timezone border sections and later it blocked the dossier processing.