Creating Composite Relations_old


Composite relations represent a way to create new dossiers based on frequency patterns.

Other ways to create dossiers are:

  • Copy dossier
  • Carry forward an existing dossier to the next timetable period
  • Create a new dossier:
    • Using the Create New Dossier Wizard (this document)
    • From PaP Search (Please refer to "Select PaPs" document)

Composite relations are useful especially for the Passenger agencies since they allow the user to create frecuency trains at once based on a current dossier.

In order to create new frequency trains:

Choose a dossier > Composite relations > Add composite relation

composite relations main screen

Once the user clicked in "+add composite relation" the system will open a new screen. We will give a name to the new composite relation and then we will click in the "+add dossier" button to include our new dossiers.

New composite relation

Please notice the button below "+add composite relation". This option allows the user to create more than one composite relation from the same dossier. For example, if in our first composite relation we want to create two trains with a 4 hour difference we will create one composite relation. However, perhaps we want to create another composite relation for other days not hours. Although the system allows the user to create different types of shifted combinations for all the dossiers in just one composite relation, it is advisable to put the frequency trains with different shifting characteristics under different composite relation groups and give them a descriptive name.

After clicking in "+add dossier" a new screen shows up:

2 trains with 4 hours difference

Here we can create as many dossiers as we want based on the original dossier. 

Dossier name is an optional field. Shifting can be positive or negative and it will affect the days, hours or minutes we may add.

For example if we want to create two trains that run 4h after each other, the shifting has to remain positive and we will need to add 4hours for the first train and 8 hours to the second train. 

After creating the needed dossiers we click on the "Save button. The basic information about the new dossiers in shown in a new screen:

new dossiers for frequency trains

Noticed that new Dossier IDs are created automatically for the new dossiers.

Based on the shifting we have created we can compare the time or dates shifted against the original dossier.

Clicking in the Dossier ID link we can revise and refine the new created dossiers like with any other dossier.

Please notice that the new dossiers will be in the Open phase regardless of the phase where the original dossier was.