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In this video, we will show the creation of a new dossier with PaPs. PaPs are special path products of Rail Freight Corridors. Rail Freight Corridors operate the Corridor One Stop Shop C-OSS. In case a dossier contains a PaP, the C-OSS will take care of the path request, as a single contact point, until final allocation. 
In this tutorial we will use Metrans as the leading RU company.

After login, we get into the dashboard to our default dashboard filter. We shall look for PaPs, so let's select PaP search option, under the menu pre-constructed products.

We can define our search criteria. We will select 2018 timetable period, RFC pre-arranged paths, North-South direction on the Orient/East-Med corridor.
Orient/East-Med corridor offers different types of pre-constructed products, taking into account the time before first train operation. In case of short-term capacity request, we may type "GR" into the PaP ID field and click on search.

We will get a result that fits to our search criteria. If we need more results on the table, we can change the number of items per page.
Let's say we would like to order a short-term path from Bratislava Slovakia to Craiova Romania, using specific border crossings among the countries. In the result list there are several border crossing PaPs that could fit our demands. In our example select one particular PaP between Slovakia and Hungary, and another one between Hungary and Romania. After we selected the PaPs, we can add them to a new dossier.

We are redirected to a dossier creation wizard. In the first step we can check the sort order of the selected PaPs. In case the order is incorrect, we can drag and drop them to the right spot. Later we can also remove unnecessary operation points. We confirm that the order is right now and we go to the next step for the definition of the running days of the train.

In the calendar we can set the running days of the train. In our example we would like to run the train on 15th, 22nd and 29th of December. Before going towards the next step, please make sure that the timeframe between placing the request and the first day of train run corresponds to the application deadlines set up by the corridors, otherwise your request will be rejected. As our calendar is ready, we can go to the next step.

4th step is dossier-level data. At this point we don't have to edit anything. The leading RU and the leading IM have been selected automatically. Please note that, as this dossier contains PaP, the dossier will be processed by the C-OSS on the IM side.
Leading role can be changed later. For this case, please check the "Edit agencies" documentation.

Next step is the train parameters. Here we will need to fulfill the parameters of the PaP operation points. We can see that some of the parameters, such as loco type, train length, train weight have been already pre-filled by the C-OSS during the publication.
We can change the loco type and may define the weight and length of our carriages. After that, we can ask PCS to recalculate the length and the weight of the train based on the entered values and the type of the locomotive.
We can also copy the parameters to other operation points. If the same loco type is published in the other countries, we can even copy that too. In this case, 1116Taurus was not published in Romania, that is why we can select another loco there. If we are ready with the parameters, we can save and continue.

We are almost ready with the dossier creation. In the last step we should enter the basic data of the dossier. We will use in this case the name "My first short-term PaP request". Next field International Train Number is optional, but we can define one here as an example. Train ID is also optional. 
We choose 2018 Timetable period and change the Process type to Ad-hoc Pre Accepted. For further details on the different processes, please check our documentation. The rest of the fields are OK and we can finish the dossier creation.

The dossier is created and we can see the first version in Open phase. We can add some additional operation points and customize the timetable, so let's open the RU timetable. We may add origin and destination points as an example.
When the operation points are in place, we can customize the timetable. We enter here the origin and destination times and the border operation point times as well, so it will be clearer for the IM. Please notice the star in the point corresponding to the teference point of the timetable. We also add our RU partners in the points corresponding to Hungary and Romania. When we are ready with the timetable, we can save our work.

As for the last step before sharing the dossier with our partners, we should check the parameters on the newly added operation points. Parameters to Bratislava and Craiova have been copied by PCS automatically from the neighbouring stations, so we should only make some minor modification.

When we feel that our dossier is ready, we can share it with our partners. For that, we shall go to Control and release Harmonization. As we are in ad-hoc process, this will trigger an e-mail notification to our partners. It is their task now to check and validate their corresponding data. When everybody accepts the dossier, meaning switches the light to green, we can submit path request.

For further information and actions, please check our videos and documentation.