Working with views


The PCS contains various views to display timetable information:

  • Standard
  • Parameter changes
  • Weekly/offset

To access these views the preconditions are to select one of the timetables (the Applicant, the C-OSS or the IM timetable). The different options are available either on the "Territories" tab or on the "Path Variants" tab.


Standard view

The Standard view is the primary view mode of PCS application. When the user opens a dossier by default it opens with standard view on the territory tab. The main operations on this view are "Edit timetable" and the "Edit train parameters". It indicates the points of the subsequent locations from the specified starting point to the destination of the specific territory or subpaths with arrival and departure times. It also represents the Service days for reference point, TSI ID variant (the variant of the Train ID), the public or latest-earliest times if defined. Hover over the mouse of the arrival and departure times to the tooltip.

The header contains the subpath labels (S1-S2-S3...etc.), the title, PCS Path ID number (system-generated field) and the Edit timetable or the Add PaP buttons. Please note that it is phase and role-dependent on what operation is possible and for who from this view.

It also shows warnings if you need to enter mandatory parameters. To enter missing data click the warning message to display the Edit train parameters button. 


Parameter changes

The parameter view helps to get information on parameter changes. Some of the parameter changes highlighted in various geometric elements on the below screenshot.

The header is not changed when switching from standard view still the edit option is available and shows the same information as it has been described previously paragraph.

Weekly/Offset view

It provides the weekly offset view.