What does it mean to delete an obsolete path



Currently, when an IM prepares an offer by creating new sub-paths in the IM TT instead of using the existing sub-paths received from the applicant, the latest ones become obsolete and are shown in the IM timetable of the offer with empty calendars. 



PCS automatically removes all sub-paths in the territory with an empty calendar when the IM agency sets the green light before submitting the draft/final offer.


For whom

Only for IM users.



In all process types.



It works in Path elaboration and Post-processing phases.


How it works

When the IM gives the green light on the control in the territory for which it is responsible.


Then the following warning message is shown:



If you agree and click the "OK" button the subpath with an empty calendar will be deleted.


Web service

For web service users there is no notification or confirmation message shown.