Version 2.37.0 Changes


2022.06.02. - PCS EC version 2.37.0 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test4.



Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4768]Distance editor: PCS EC front end development of the feature.  Create a search form that will have Country, Primary Location Code, Valid from, and Valid to as inputs in the search criteria (fields are not required; the same search criteria is defined in the Operation Points view). The results are shown in a grid (columns: From (name), From (primary location code), To (name), To (primary location code), Distance). Add and Edit options should be available for Admin and RFC users.   Story
[RNE014-4794]Delete obsolete paths after IM (TSI) update.
When the IM agency sets green light in some territory, and the dossier is in Path Elaboration or Post-Processing the PCS should automatically remove all sub-paths with an empty calendar. A confirmation dialogue will appear. When the IM user sets a green light in the territory and after that adds a sub-path with an empty calendar, in that case, PCS will downgrade the acceptance indicator. It is only for IM users and IM timetables.
[RNE014-4800]Calendar deselection with range:
Deselecting the calendar days in the range is working by holding the shift key after or while selecting the start date of deselection in your range.
[RNE014-4820] Fix 'Show with common running days' compare option:
 Bug fix for the checkbox "Show with common running days" if users ticked the checkbox it showed: "There are no subpath with running common days" error. Deskero ticket:
[RNE014-4805][WS]  Fix handling of the progress status of production agencies
There is a production agency in the dossier VSOE, Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. These agencies have commercial status and this status was not sent in the response to the getDossier operation.
Deskero ticket:



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