Version 2.34.0 Changes


2022.04.15. - PCS EC version 2.34.0 was deployed on production, test1,test2, and test4.


Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4671] FTE CR ID 76 - Previous/next dossier buttons availability:  with the combination on the keyboard (depending on the user's operating system), users can go from one dossier to another instead of clicking on the "Previous/Next" button. CR link:
[RNE014-4527]Info message in Bulk editing: when a user does some bulk editing action, show an info message that the user will receive an email when the action is done. The same action cannot be performed again until the first one is finished. CR link:
[RNE014-4526] Any user (Applicant, IM, C-OSS, RU) should be able to place comments in any phase. Requirements extended by RNE to all involved users in all phases. initially CR from the C-OSS community:
[RNE014-4774]Fix selectable activity types in train parameters: user should be able to set activity types on the path-section levels that belong to the responsible IM agency.Story
[RNE014-4758]Prevent showing of confirmation box when used did not make changes. Bug-fix: In the calendar step of the Pap Selection wizard, only parent checkboxes are selected.Bug
[RNE014-4747]Fix ACL for train id: editing of train id is possible only in the Open phase.Story
[RNE014-4628][WS] User should be able to appoint responsible RU after the PE phase. Bugfix: The user should be able to appoint RU in the dossier after the PathElaboration phase using the Web Services.Bug
[RNE014-4155][WS] Dossier type validation. The user should be able to set only the dossier type which is supported for the given dossier.Story
[RNE014-4745][WS] Prevent changing of appointments as IM. Bugfix: IM should not be able to make any changes in the appointments.Bug

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