Version 2.23.3 Changes



2021.08.15 - PCS EC version 2.23.3 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.



Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-4314]PaP import error - departure time. RNE: With the EC there was no more option to import PaP without the times entered. RNE removed this option due to inconsistencies and errors in the calendar.Bug
[RNE014-4333]Changes in train parameters are not highlighted in the comparison. DB Cargo Deutschland checked the function and continued to notice that it does not select the parameters that were deleted for the container profile between the applicant and the IM timetable. It was previously corrected for the traffic type of dossier 233803 (ticket: 3366/2021) but still did not work for the container profile of dossier 233679.Bug
 [RNE014-4381] Save user failed, ticket in Deskero:
[RNE014-4383]Path Request mails for LPR dossiers are missed, ticket in Deskero:
[RNE014-4363]Dossier search performance issues, ticket in Deskero: when there are too many dossiers(around 8000 in this case) to be downloaded from the back-end, it can happen that the user doesn't get the response at all.Story


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