Version 2.17.0 Changes



2021.04.07 - PCS EC version 2.17.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3917] Check of missing running day - FTE CR ID 54: check offered solution in FTE CR document.Story
[RNE014-4086]Dossier search results excel report: prepare the excel report for selected dossiers and selected columns.Story
[RNE014-4013]Validate a number of path sections in the territory: improve validation for number in path sections in the territory in applicant step in dossier wizard/pap selection wizard / add user variant view.Story
[RNE014-4088]Operation point select in path view is the required field.Story
[RNE014-4095]Wrong rejection reason on 'Red light':  right reason should be sent when the user sets the acceptance indicator to 'Red light'.Bug
[RNE014-4110]Adjust ACL rules for coss progress status change: the C-OSS user cannot have permission to change the status of already processed PaPs who are responsible.Bug
[RNE014-4089]Improve invalid login validation error: show validation error only once.Story
[RNE014-4090]Improve validation alerts: PCS should not show duplicated validation alerts.Story
[RNE014-4004]Fix calendar overlapping on smaller screens: fix calendar months overlapping on smaller screensBug
[RNE014-4131]Sorting by phase doesn't work in the dashboard grid: fix sorting by phase in the dashboard grid, Deskero ticket:
 [RNE014-4102]Improve loc type: Use UIC_NET_CODE instead of COUNTRY CODE for loco type.Story


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