Version 2.16.0 Changes



2021.03.25 - PCS EC version 2.16 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


  • [RNE014-3489]    Creation of dossiers with PaPs between x-8 - x-7.5.    
  • [RNE014-4052]    Re-fetch all calendars when they are changed on the back-end: make sure that we always have the latest state of the calendars.    
  • [RNE014-4053]    Fix bulk sub-path deletion: keep the selected territory after removing sub-paths using the bulk sub-path deletion option.    
  • [RNE014-4055]    Make sure that entered dossier level parameters are not removed    
  • [RNE014-4062]    Do not show remove PaP and PaP capacity actions in Alternative Preview: user should not be able to remove pap or remove pap capacity when is in a mode of alternative reservation.    
  • [RNE014-4066]    Fix the skipping of calendar step in the pap selection wizard: Creating a dossier with PaP's with capacity that they don't have should not be possible.
  • [RNE014-4068]    It is not possible to withdraw dossier with PaP from Pre-booking: Error: You are not using any of the capacity of the these RFCs.    
  • [RNE014-4069]    Error when loading train parameters from archived version: an error occurs when opening RU timetable for IM user in Harmonization Conference.    

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