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Selecting (clicking on) the user name in the header line on PCS calls up the function for updating basic user data and to set up the basic view:

There are three choices. User can select profile editing, personal settings or logout from the system.

Edit Profile

This choice opens the profile information. Some of them are editable and some of them not. At the top is displayed user identification (Name, First Name and Organization). These master data cannot be changed. This data can only be provided by the company’s system manager when a new user is entered.

The user password can be changed by each individual. To change it, it must be entered twice. User passwords are known only to that user and cannot be viewed or changed by other people.

There are user contact data on the lower part. There are fields for entering address (Street, Additional address info, PO Box, Zip Code, City, Country). Other fields serve for user contact details (E-Mail, Telephone, Fax number). Despite the fact that these data are optional, it is highly recommended to enter the correct e-mail address and keep it up to date. All notifications generated by the system using this e-mail address. If there are wrong data, user will not be notified by PCS properly. This contact data are displayed to the other users too.

Personal settings

Personal settings serve for the particular user. Each user can set up its own specific default view according to the needs. The following options are offered:

  • Language: The preferred language can be selected from the list of languages that are supported. PCS will then appear with that pre-set language as the default. New languages can be integrated into PCS quite flexibly. The operator can obtain an EXCEL file for translation. The source language can be selected from the languages that are already supported. When the translation is complete, the operator is free to install the new language version in PCS.
  • Default dashboard view: Users selects its preferred view for the dashboard. It is set up Recent activity filter by default. It can be chosen other predefined filters or any of user defined filter.
  • Entries per page: The user can define how many entries should be displayed per page on the Dashboard view.
  • Default dossier view: User can choose what type of basic dossier segment wants to have by default. See picture below.
  • Dashboard filters: User can set up, if particular defined (predefined or user defined) filter should be shown or hidden in the dashboard. 

Agencies & users

User can check the "phone book" of PCS per agencies. Filter is supported per agency.


Deadlines and automatic PCS promotions of the annual timetable process is also presented in a view. Meaning of the certain deadline is shown in a tooltip.


By choosing this user is logout from the system PCS.