Train Parameters: Template Manager


PLEASE NOTE that this is an outdated template manager document. A New PCS Template manager will be deployed to PCS by the end of 2021. 

In PCS is possible to create templates for Train Parameters in two ways:

  • Go to Administration > Template Manager > Train Parameters
  • Save Applicant Timetable filled parameters  as a template 


Template Manager

For the first case, the following screenshot offers the option:

Template Manager for Train Parameters

Note: Before creating a train parameters template please be sure to check the reference documents below for a detailed overview of the different fields and their functionality. 

In the template screen, it is important to check the Timetable period before adding a new template. Otherwise, the template won't be available if a different period is chosen.

Also, it is important to notice what IM the template is related to. Again, later on, the template won't be available if the user wants to apply it to a different IM. 

Clicking on "Add Template" a new screen shows the options:

new template

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) at the top are mandatory:

  • Template name
  • IM agency

The fields below for the Common Train Parameters, although they show an asterisk, are not mandatory in order to save the template. 

Once the template is saved, becomes part of the table list for its timetable period. The table can be sorted by Name. Also, clicking the checkmark, the user is able to "Delete Selected".

The "Edit" button is always available if the user wants to change any value of its templates. In any case, this update won't propagate to the dossiers that used the values of the template in the past. 

Save as new template

The entered common train parameters can be saved from the path section as a new template. Name the template in the "Template name" field and tick the checkbox next to "Common train parameters" then after the click to "Save selected as a new template".  

Applying the templates

In order to apply any template, the user needs to be in the Applicant Timetable of a dossier: The "Copy from template" option can be applied to any selected section (highlighted in grey with an arrow shape).

Once the template has been created then it will be available on Applicant Timetable on the top and always associated with the IM agency who is in pair with the Applicant. Click on "Copy from template":

copy from template

First, we need to select the IM agency by ticking the checkbox and after selecting the required template from the "Choose template" drop-down menu. Finally, the template selected then click the button "Copy to template" to finish copying, see screenshot below: