Train Information


The following information could be added to the dossier as the train information

  • Route:  The route is a description of the path of the train. It's a free text field that can be completed and amended by any participant during the agreement process. Useful entries in the Route field for passenger trains might be the stops as shown on the RIC route sign, for freight trains the origin/border/destination points.
  • Train name: If there is a name of the train, it should be entered here.
  • First/last date in service: This field is just additional information to the calendar. The real definition of the dates of service takes place in the Applicant/IM timetable in the calendar table. This field serves to indicate that there are specific dates in service or variations.
  • The direction of alignment: This field can be used for suggestions regarding the direction of alignment, both for the Applicants and the IMs. It's a single choice list and the following options could be selected:
    • forwards
    • from the middle
    • backward

The definition of the direction of alignment is not binding. However, the leading companies have to determine the sequence in which a dossier is processed via construction starting point for planning in the timetable. The leading companies are responsible to keep the information about the direction of alignment consistent with the input about reference points in the corresponding calendar.