Train & carriages set weight & length



It describes how to edit the train & carriages weight/length, how to use the pre-calculation button, and what rules should be followed.


How the pre-calculation button works

When you select the loco and enter the weight/length of carriages set then, you have to press this button and calculate the max train weight/length fields.

Of course, these fields are still editable for the user, so they can change the values manually. 

If the system returns a validation error (e.g. Weight train set cannot be higher than the train weight) too early since the user is still editing, it can be easily removed by clicking on the "Reset pre-calculation" button.

Users cannot save the dossier if there is a validation error. More info about constraints is below. 

If you decide to use another loco (change it), then after selecting the new loco the calculation automatically updates the max train/weight values:



  • The value of the train weight must be equal to or greater than the value of the weight of set carriages
  • The value of the train length must be equal to or greater than the value of the length of set carriages

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