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Search and Advanced Search in PCS EC


There are a couple of ways to search for dossiers: quick search and advanced search.

Filters and labels can be considered to another way of finding the right dossiers.

For the quick search, on the dashboard, there is already the possibility to find a dossier quickly.
The dossier can be found by their dossier number.
There is no need to include the entire number to find a dossier. Some parts of the number will be enough to get results. The system will look for the dossier that contains the numbers we have entered.

We can also search by dossier name. Again, we do not need to type the entire name to get results. Some letters will be enough to get inclusive results.

Finally by their international train number.

For a more complex search, we must go to the advanced search.

On the default view in the advanced search, P C S shows the following fields: dossier i d, international train number, timetable period, process type, phase. If you click on more you can select more search options one by one, or you can choose the show more option immediately.

If you see numbers in brackets in the search fields will mean that you have chosen multiple selection options.

When you get the result in the table, it is possible to customize it. You can select columns, change their order and their width similar to the dashboard. Please note that the structure that you customized will be saved automatically to your account and later you will receive the search results in this structure.

The search criteria can be saved as a new filter, for further details please check "How to work with filters" video.

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