Process Types



System PCS supports various process types for dossiers. They are defined in order not to mix up the terms with the rest of the dossier types.  PCS processes differ to what purpose they serve.

There are supported 3 processes for Applicants for placing real path requests:

  • New Path Request
  • Late Path Request
  • Ad hoc Path Request with some options:
    • Fully Harmonized
    • Partially Harmonized
    • With pre-accepted offer

There is one more process for checking the feasibility of ideas and aims of Applicants (Feasibility Study).

Two further processes serve as a possibility for updating an of agreed path, either from Applicant side (Path Modification) or IM side (Path Alteration).

The last two processes (Catalogue and Pre-arranged Path) are for IMs and C-OSS (Corridor OSS on Rail Freight Corridors) only. They allow them to prepare their offered paths for Applicants. 

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