Process Pre-booking


1. Introduction

This user guide represents for the C-OSS Manager's how to proceed further with their task in the pre-booking (x-7,5 - x-8) phase. 

2. Process

When an Applicant requests at least one PaP in a dossier, the dossier goes first to the Pre-Booking phase instead of Path Elaboration. Once the dossier arrived at Pre-Booking, the system generates a dedicated area for the C-OSS managers by copying the Applicant timetable to a C-OSS Timetable (the system does the same thing for the IMs and also copies the Applicant timetable to IM Timetable):


In the Pre-Booking phase, the C-OSS manager has an extra menu to manage the PaP requests. It is visible when opening a dossier:

The PaP origin-destination pairs in the dossier are in the "requested" state (light blue colour-coded) in the Pre-booking phase, highlighting that it has been requested by the Applicants. The legend shows the meaning of the coloured days in the circulation day view on each path section:

  • Requested: the PaP is requested by an Applicant, it is not in conflict with any other requests
  • Reserved: the C-OSS reserved the PaP for the Applicant. It's possible now for the C-OSS to start alternative offer creation (to edit the timetable) if it's necessary.
  • Conflict: the PaP is requested by more Applicants, the C-OSS needs to apply the priority rule
  • Waiting for alternative: this request was in conflict for that PaP with another request, and the other was chosen with higher priority. To proceed further this request either needs an alternative PaP or a tailor-made solution.
  • Reserved alternative: this request was in conflict for that PaP with another request, and the other was chosen with higher priority, and the C-OSS already reserved an alternative PaP
  • Alternative offered: after selecting and reserving an alternative PaP, the C-OSS sent this offer as a preview to the Applicant, and we are waiting for the customer's feedback
  • Alternative rejected: the Applicant rejected the proposed alternative PaP. Requesting a tailor-made solution is still an option for the C-OSS
  • Alternative accepted: the Applicant accepted the proposed alternative PaP. The C-OSS can proceed with the Pre-Booking.
  • Dossier reference calendar: in case the request contains tailor-made points, which were previously not published within the PaP (the Applicant added them during Harmonization), those days are marked with this dark blue colour. These shall be considered already as a tailor-made path section.

Warning messages in the Control indicate that the C-OSS manager needs to work on the PaP request. In the red message, by clicking on the pencil icon, directs you to the same PaP request window as described above.

Coordinating C-OSS users (those who published the PaPs) have editing rights on their own timetable version (PaP sections) in the following phases:

  • Alternative Offer Reserved: after doing the conflict resolution the C-OSS user replaced the original PaP with an alternative and reserved it for the Applicant
  • Alternative Offer Created: after doing the plausibility check the C-OSS user recognized a problem and he/she fixes minor issues in the timetable. Pre-condition for entering to this phase is to reserve the PaP. Editing possibilities on the PaP path sections and intermediate path sections on their corridor are the following:
    • Arrival and departure times (actual/earliest/latest)
    • Dwell time
    • Catalogue path number
    • Train number
    • Common train parameters
    • Path section level parameters
    • Conditions:
      • The same rule applies as for IMs  at editing times of the PaP path sections (e.g. regular Flex PaP point)
      • C-OSS can add intermediate PaP path section or remove existing ones previously created by the Applicant
      • PaP must be reserved

PaP conflicts

It can happen that the same PaP requested by other Applicants, meaning the same PaP request is added to two or more dossiers. The system automatically checks and detects that the same PaP request has been added to another dossier. For e.g.: Dossier A and Dossier B contains the same PaP request. In this case, Dossier A and Dossier B are in conflict with each other.

The request detail window also warns you that there is a conflict and the C-SS manager has to work on the request and make a decision:

You have the opportunity to check the conflicts and compare, for presentation purposes we have created three dossiers with the same PaP at the same time:

The next step is for the C-OSS managers to make the decision and mark the PaPs in the dossier using the "Mark selected as" button. The button is by default disabled you have to select the check-box next to the PaP origin-destination pair to enable it.

With this option, the C-OSS managers have the opportunity to mark separately the PaPs in a complex dossier by selecting each PaP origin-destination pairs.

The decision can be:

  • Reserved: the PaP is pre-allocated to the Applicant. Final allocation might come later with the Draft Offer and Final Offer.
  • Complete as Tailor-made: the PaP is NOT reserved and the PaP point replaced as normal location points
  • Search for an alternative: search for an alternative and offer another PaP


Phases of the Alternative Offers

The process can start in two ways:

  • Create alternative offer
  • Alternative offer reserved


Create alternative offer

The create alternative offer phase can start only if all involved C-OSS manager has accepted the PaPs by marking the PaP origin-destination pair into a green,  reserved state.

Once the PaP origin-destination pair is in a reserved state, the C-OSS manager light is changing to green automatically. 

If the C-OSS manager partially accepting the PaP origin-destination pair then the C-OSS light becomes yellow and the warning messages stay in Control to indicate that there are PaP requests that have not been processed yet.

The "Create alternative offer" button stays deactivated in other cases, for e.g. the PaP requests tailor-made.

In this phase, the PaP details menu will be disabled and the C-OSS manager timetable becomes editable, the C-OSS manager prepares the PaP request:

When The C-OSS manager finished work the PaP request then ready to inform Applicants about the changes by submitting the alternative offer. The next phase is the Alternate offer phase, described in detail after the Alternative Reserved phase.



Alternative offer reserved

To start the process in the PaP details menu the C-OSS manager has to select the PaP origin-destination pair to be replaced and look for alternatives. Pressing the "Search for alternative" button opens the PaP search window, and the available published PaPs are displayed in the table as a result of the search according to the desired criteria. In our example, the C-OSS manager replaces the current PaP (RFC07PaP0013) with another PaP (07PaP0013Demo) in the dossier:

The C-OSS manager has to check the alternative PaP and presses the "Preview alternative offer" button next:

At this moment the C-OSS timetable becomes editable and the C-OSS manager can modify the timetable according to the business needs. 

If the C-OSS manager is happy with the alternative PaP then Reserves Alternative Offer.  After the dossier starts the Alternative Offer branch phases:     

Once the Alternative offer reserved it copies the PaP into the C-OSS timetable and the C-OSS timetable becomes disabled.

The last action of this phase is to submit the alternative offer to inform the Applicant about changes.


Alternative offered

In this phase, all involved Applicants should check and review the alternatively offered PaP.  

If all of them agree with the C-OSS manager's alternative offer they should set their lights to green.

If the lights for the involved Applicants are green then the "Accept Alternative offer" button becomes enabled, the leading agency sends their acceptance by pressing the button. 


Alternate offer accepted

When the offer is accepted by the Applicant it turns into green indicating the offer accepted in the PaP details window:

The next step is for the C-OSS manager to go back to pre-booking and promote the dossier into the next phase to Pah Elaboration.


Alternative Offer Rejected

If at least one of the involved Applicant decides to reject the offer and sets their light to red then must add a "Reason for the action":

The system saves the reason in the comment area:

The Applicant still has the possibility to correct their own light before the dossier arrives alternative offer rejected phase. 

Once the Applicant has provided the reason, the "Reject Alternative Offer" button will be enabled, and pressing the button it moves the dossier to the Alternative Offer Rejected phase by the leading agency.

After the rejection, the C-OSS manager will have a new warning message in control: "There are PaP requests that have not been processed yet" meaning the system detects that the PaP request is still in conflict.

To rework on the PaP, the C-OSS manager MUST press the "Proceed to Pre-Booking" button!

Note: currently, the C-OSS timetable and PaP details window are disabled for the C-OSS! Applicants and IMs have read-only rights. Applicants can see only the Applicant timetable and IMs can see all timetables.


Pre-Booking after Alternative offer rejected (Rework)

The dossier arrives into the Pre-Booking phase again, but with the red light of the Applicant who has rejected the offer previously, and in the PaP details window, the colour of the PaP requests shows the "Alternative rejected" colour-coding.

The C-OSS manager should select a new alternative PaP because the previously offered PaP is saved into the C-OSS timetable. If the C-OSS manager selects the same PaP again, the system alerts you with the same message that was introduced above when using the same PaP.


Once the new alternative PaP offered by the C-OSS manager it resets the lights in the dossier to blue for the participants except for the C-OSS agency who is working on the request:


The following error messages can appear under this phase:

  • If the selected PaP dossier has an offset compared to the original path then you will receive an error message and the system will not let you insert the PaP:

  • The system warns you if you have selected the same PaP from the PaP search:


Undo Alternative Offer

  • Alternative Offer Reserved:
    • The original PaP(s) should be inserted in the dossier again
    • All PaP request should be re-requested
    • The state might be different in case initial PaP is not available anymore
  • Alternative Offer Created:
    • No changes in PaP requests and reserved capacity
    • Only the C-OSS timetable should be replaced with one from the first version in the Pre-Booking phase
  • Notification:
    • An applicant receives an e-mail notification if C-OSS withdraws the Alternative Offer