Process Late Path Request


This is the second process for placing path request into the regular yearly timetable. The date when a dossier is opened determines what kind of path request is made. The new dossier with process type Late Path Request will be made when it is opened after X-8 until X-2. The X means the date when the new yearly timetable starts. The numbers mean months before the date X. Dossiers in this process should be submitted as Late Path Request until X-2. Dossier opened after X-8 until X-2, but submitted as a request after X-2 is automatically changed into the corresponding process type Ad hoc Path Request.

The whole process consists of the following phases:

  1. Open – Applicant phase

  2. Harmonization – Applicant phase

  3. Path Request – IM phase

  4. Path Elaboration – IM phase

  5. Late Request Offer – Milestone

  6. Acceptance  – Applicant phase

  7. Post-processing – IM phase (optional)

  8. Final Offer – Applicant phase (optional)

  9. Active timetable – Final phase

  10. Closed – archive phase

All the process steps for Late Path Request are the same as for New Path Request. The milestone “Draft Timetable” has the name “Late Request Offer” and the step “Observations” has the name “Acceptance”. However, if Applicants put all acceptance indicators (traffic lights in the control panel) to green already in “Acceptance” (actually, during the observations), the system will understand that the draft offer of IMs is suitable for all Applicants and switch automatically the dossier into the “Active Timetable” phase at the midnight on the same day when the last Applicant has put the green indicator. This is done in order to get through the path request process faster. The system prevents IMs to give a Late Request Offer until the deadline for Final Offers for regular Path Requests is passed.

The dossier should run through the process steps until Active timetable and it should be closed when it is not needed anymore. Further information about process steps could be found under the description of phases.

Overview of Late Path Request

From X-8 until X-2 (for further dates please check PCS Process Guidelines)

Late path requests for the next annual timetable

  • First day for submission of Late path requests: 2020-04-15
  • First day for answers of Late path requests: 2020-08-25
  • Last day for submission of Late path requests for timetable 2020 (X-2): 2020-10-19
  • Last day for answers of Late path requests: 2020-11-16