Process Ad hoc Path Request (partially harmonized)


This is another option to the third process type for placing ad-hoc path request, but it starts in the same way like fully harmonized Ad-hoc Path Request. Before the leading Applicant issues the Path Request (during the Harmonization phase), the system provides a possibility for the leading Applicant to change the handling of the ad-hoc path request from fully-harmonized to non-harmonized (partially harmonized) process. If the leading Applicant chooses the partially harmonized process, the dossier is split in that way that each Applicant-IM pair could be in a different phase of the process. For example, the first Applicant-IM pair could be already in Path Elaboration while the second still in Harmonization.

All the process steps for Ad-hoc Path Request partially harmonized are the same as for the fully-harmonized. Dossier can be processed partially and Applicant-IM pairs can be in different phases until Acceptance. The dossier cannot go from Acceptance to Active Timetable partially. That is why the pre-accepted offer does not support partial harmonization.

Apart from these, the promotion of the dossier by the Applicants or PCS itself works the same way as in the fully-harmonized process.