Process Ad hoc Path Request


This is the third process type for placing a path request. This process is used for requests outside the yearly timetable (placed too late to be there or for already running timetable). The date when a dossier is opened determines what kind of path request is made. The new dossier with process type Ad hoc Path Request will be made when it is opened after X-2 until X+12. The X means the date when the new timetable period starts. The numbers mean months before or after the date X.

The whole process consists of the following phases:

  1. Open – Applicant phase
  2. Harmonization – Applicant phase
  3. Path Request – Milestone, the dossier is moves immediately to Path Elaboration
  4. Path Elaboration – IM phase
  5. Ad-hoc Request Offer – Milestone
  6. Acceptance  – Applicant phase
  7. Post-processing – IM phase (optional)
  8. Final Offer – Applicant phase (optional)
  9. Active timetable – Final phase
  10. Closed – Archive phase

All the process steps for Ad-hoc Path Request are the same as for New Path Request. The milestone “Draft Timetable” has the name “Ad hoc Request Offer” and the step “Observations” has the name “Acceptance”. Not only the name of the phase is different, but the possible steps in this phase too. In the New Path Request process the dossier is moved always from Observations to Post-Processing, however in the Ad-hoc process, the Applicants can jump from Acceptance directly to Active Timetable. If they find the Ad-hoc Request Offer suitable enough, they can set their acceptance indicator to green. When all lights are green, the leading Applicant can release the dossier to Active Timetable immediately, or during the night PCS will do that. Please note that the system checks every Ad-hoc dossier in the Acceptance phase, and if all lights are green, it will promote them automatically to Active Timetable.

Pre-accepted offer

During the dossier creation, the leading Applicant can select Ad-hoc pre-accepted offer process type too. In this case, the request must run a fully harmonized process either on the Applicant or on the IM side. This option makes the process even faster. Selecting the pre-accepted offer option, Applicants declare that any Ad-hoc Request Offer they receive from the IMs, they will accept it automatically. It means, in this case, there is no Acceptance phase, the dossier goes directly to Active Timetable after the Ad-hoc Request Offer.

You can find all the automatic promotions of PCS in the PCS Process Guideline.

Ad hoc Path Request (partially harmonized)

There is also another option to the third process type (ad hoc pah request) which can be selected, called Ad hoc Path Request (partially harmonized). More information is provided on the dedicated page to this process type.