Phase Pre-booking



  • When an Applicant request at least one Pre-arranged path (PaP)s in the dossier, it first enters the pre-booking phase after releasing it from the harmonization phase
  • In this phase, the C-OSS managers will pre-book the Pre-arranged paths (PaPs) or will pre-book the accepted alternative PaPs
  • Once the dossier arrived at pre-booking, the system generates a dedicated area for the C-OSS managers by copying the Applicant timetable to a C-OSS Timetable
  • Coordinating C-OSS managers (those who published the PaPs) have editing rights on their own timetable PaP section

Possible Transitions

Transition list

  • Pre-booking -> Harmonization
    • Who: Leading Applicant (withdraw), C-OSS Manager (reject)
    • Restrictions: None
  • Pre-booking -> Path Elaboration
    • Who: C-OSS manager
    • Restrictions
      • All involved C-OSS lights are must be in green
      • Complete all missing data
  • Pre-booking-> Create Alternative Offer
    • Who:
      • C-OSS manager
        • Restrictions
          • All involved C-OSS must process all PaPs


  • C-OSS manager
    • Reject dossier
    • Create Alternate Offer
    • Release Path Elaboration
    • Write access on their own section
  • Leading Applicants
    • Withdraw Dossier
    • Read Everything
  • Applicants
    • Read Everything
  • Leading IM
    • Read Everything
  • IMs
    • Read Everything


  • The Pre-booking phase is not supported for partially harmonized dossiers
  • The system shall maintain the requested and reserved capacity based on the C-OSS timetable for dossiers in the Pre-booking phase
  • If the PaP Details window the PaPs marked with Alternative Offer Accepted or Alternative Offer Rejected color-coding it means that the dossier was in the Alternative Offer phases before