Phase Path Request



  • Leading IM checks the whole dossier sent by the Leading Applicant for consistency and plausibility
  • Leading IM decides or not to copy the Applicant Timetable into the IM Timetable
  • Leading IM decides or not to promote the dossier to Path Elaboration


Transitions from Path request phase

Transition list

  • Path request -> Path Elaboration
    • Who: Leading IM
    • Restrictions: None
  • Path Request -> Harmonization
    • Who:
      • Leading Applicant: Withdraw dossier (IM TT, if it exists, is deleted in the process)
      • Leading IM: Reject Dossier
    • Restrictions: None


  • Leading Applicant
    • Read-only access to the submitted Applicant Timetable (No access to IM TT)
    • Withdraw dossier
  • Applicants
    • Read-only access to the submitted Applicant Timetable (No access to IM TT)
  • Leading IM
    • Read access to the whole dossier
    • Write access to its own section
    • Reject dossier
  • IMs
    • Read-only access to the whole dossier

Other details

  • Each IM gets automatically a reference point for their respective section
  • The train composition can be changed by the Applicants at any time.
  • Change types (withdraw dossier)
    • Critical change
      • Essential aspects of the request have to be revised, for example:
        • a completely different route. 
        • Before a request is withdrawn, there should be an agreement between the IM and the Applicant, reached by communication through messages between the parties.
    • Detailed changes
      • Alterations to certain train parameters,
      • A few stops or journey times can be sent to the IM’s by sending a message to the IM.
      • The Dossier itself remains unaffected.
      • If the IM considers that the requested change will change the whole path there will not be any acceptance.
      • The Applicant will be asked to submit a new request mentioning the reference of the previous dossier.
      • Sending a message from the Applicant to the IM does mean that the change will be accepted

How to replace IM timetables with Applicant timetables (Leading IM)?

  1. Open the IM timetable.
  2. Click on "Replace IM Timetables with Applicant Timetables" at the top.