Phase Open



  • The first phase for the following processes
    • New Path Request
    • Late Path Request
    • Ad-hoc Path Request
  • Any Applicant can start the creation of a completely new dossier or copy and create a new dossier from an existing one.
  • By default, the Applicant that creates the dossier becomes the leading Applicant of the new or copied dossier.
    • If the Applicant changes the leading Applicant, the dossier only gets available to the new Applicant leading company


Open Path Request

Transition list

  • Open -> Harmonization
    • Who: Leading Applicant
    • Restrictions
      • Obligatory fields: Dossier name, reference point and its time, Leading IM
  • Open -> Closed
    • Who: Leading Applicant
    • Restrictions: None


  • Leading Applicant
    • Read everything
    • Write everything
  • Applicants
    • None
  • Leading IM
    • None
  • IMs
    • None

Other details

  • If the Applicant uses the CNDW (Create New Dossier Wizard) tool, a draft version can be saved at any time before the new dossier is created.
  • The system automatically sets the Applicant-IM pairs.
    • When the Applicant enters the operation points, the system automatically recognizes the Infrastructure Manager (IM) involved for the particular point and add him automatically as a participant IM to the dossier.
  • Changing the participating companies is possible for the Leading Applicant at Phases Open, Harmonization, and Harmonization Conference.
  • There is no limitation on the number of companies that can participate. 
  • A participating company does not have to have stops included in the timetable.
    • Other companies can also be involved in the approval process or they can have only read access, like service companies or companies with through carriages or connections to the Dossier.
  • It is not compulsory under PCS for more than one Applicant or infrastructure manager to be involved in one Dossier. For example, the catalog paths of a company can also be made available via PCS.