Phase Final Offer



  • Applicants decide if they accept and obtain the offered final timetable version.
  • All Applicants must change their lights into green in order to achieve Active Timetable


Possible transitions diagram from final offer in New Path Request Process

Transition list

  • Final Offer -> Active Timetable
    • Who:
      • Leading Applicant
        • Restrictions: All Applicant lights have been changed to green
      • PCS system (Automatic promotion)
        • Restrictions: All Applicant lights have been changed to green
  • Final Offer -> Closed
    • Who: Leading Applicant
    • Restrictions: None


  • Leading Applicant
    • Read-only access
    • Close dossier, promote dossier
  • Applicants
    • Read-only access
    • Change own light to green
  • Leading IM
    • Read-only access
  • IMs
    • Read-only access


  • Automatic promotion
    • The system checks in a certain period of time after the deadline every night at 23:00 if there are any dossiers with all Applicants lights on green.
    • Dossiers in Partial offer may only be switched harmonized to Active timetable.
      • This is to prevent dossier with one part still in some previous phase, while other parts are already in Active timetable, allowing starting the path modification process.
    • Once the Applicants have set their acceptance indicators to green in a dossier in Partial offer mode and in the Final offer phase, it is not possible to change them again to Yellow or Red.