Phase Alternative Offer Created



  • One of the ways to start the alternative offer process where C-OSS managers checking the PaP requests and fixing minor issues.
  • The Create Alternative Offer phase can start only if all involved C-OSS manager has accepted the PaPs by marking the PaP origin-destination pair into a green,  reserved state.
  • Editing possibilities on the PaP path sections and intermediate path sections on their corridor are the following:
    • Arrival and departure times (actual/earliest/latest)
    • Dwell time
    • Catalog path number
    • Train number
    • Common train parameters
    • Path section level parameters
    • Conditions:
      • The same rule applied as for IMs editing times of PaP path sections (e.g. regular Flex PaP point)
      • C-OSS can add an intermediate PaP path section or remove the existing that was created by the Applicant



Transition list

  • Create Alternative Offer -> Pre-booking
    • Who: C-OSS manager
      • Restrictions: None


  • Create Alternative Offer -> Alternative offered
    • Who:
      • C-OSS manager
        • Restrictions: None
        • Mandatory fields and IM parameters are fulfilled


  • C-OSS manager
    • Read and write access to its own section
  • Leading Applicant
    • Read anything
  • Applicants
    • Read anything
  • Leading IM
    • Read anything
  • IMs
    • Read anything



  • The dossier should run through the alternative offer branch phases, all the required data should be harmonized.
  • If any C-OSS manager disagrees its light should be on red to avoid creating an alternative offer