Periods in service


In the administration menu in the periods in service section of PCS system is possible to set up periods in service. Each IM can define its own periods in service and these periods in service apply to all companies in a country. They are actually calendar patterns, which are supposed to be often used for the dossiers. It is used to set up the usual operation day patterns like e.g. only workdays, only weekends, etc.

In the template for setting periods in service, a timetable period must be selected, to which the period in service applies. Each period in service is assigned a unique code and a designation. When the function is selected, the calendar for the period in service comes up, and the operation days can be set up. Existing periods in service can be used as a template and modified.


When no longer needed, the defined periods in service could be deactivated. Of course, reactivation of already deactivated periods is possible too. Paths to which a period in service has been assigned are not changed. They retain the period in service which has been assigned. The deactivated periods in service are no longer available for new dossiers.