PCS fields pending alignment with the TAF/TAP TSI sector schema


1. Alignment planned in Q1-2023 (before the New path Request submission deadline)

Location types code list

Dangerous good fields (except Danger Label)

Train no (Operational Train Number)


2. Alignment planned in Q4-2023 (reason: PCS schema update is required)

A PCS field not aligned with the TAF/TAP TSI schema may cause the message delivery to the intended recipient to fail. The potential impact of this misalignment for TTP 2024 is based on the volume of path requests submitted in 2022 to the IMs via PCS GUI as part of the New path Request process for TTP 2023 and for which the delivery of the Path Request message due to this misalignment would fail.

Danger Label

  • TAF/TAP TSI element: DangerLabel
  • Potential impact for TTP 2024: limited. Reason: values for TTP 2023 were referring to only one danger label code


Exception gauging ident field

  • TAF/TAP TSI element: complex type ExceptionalGaugingInd (composed of IM_Partner and ExceptionalGaugingCode)
  • Potential impact for TTP 2024: very limited. Reason: this field was not used for TTP 2023. Note: some IMs have created a Network-Specific Parameter as an alternative solution.


Path No

  • Information about this PCS field: national catalogue path number for a train on a Rail Freight Corridor; not used by all IMs.
  • TAF/TAP TSI element: not included
  • Potential impact for TTP 2024: none. Reason: the value will not be included in the message. 
  • The relevance of this field and its location in PCS will be discussed during the February PCS Change Control Board