PCS EC Sprint 68

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 25 March, 2021 - 09:52
Key No.Brief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3915]Path variant calendar - backend. Calculate path variant calendar and calendar days covered in other path variants.Story
[RNE014-4039]Path variant calendar - frontend. Introduce Path Variants Calendar view.Story
[RNE014-3957]Keep path request date and time in the dossier. Keep information of the submit of Path Request.Story
[RNE014-4040]Show path request last date in dashboard/advanced search. Add column Path Request date and time in the dashboard and advanced search (The date and time when the Path Request was submitted).Story
 [RNE014-3913]Downgrade notification without impact on the territory. A downgrade notification is sent to an IM "A" (Infrabel) when a subpath is created/modified/deleted in the territory of partnering IM "B" (Prorail) but the changes have no impact on the territory of IM "A" (Infrabel).
IM "A" - yellow
IM "B" - green
IM "A" makes an update, or actually, several updates (changes timetable, edit calendar, creates new SP, etc.), we should not send immediate notification (as we do now), but we should wait until IM "A" sets green light. Because the rest is a work in progress.
IM "A" - yellow -> green
IM "B" - green -> yellow
[RNE014-4032]Not all days covered. Use path variants for calculating not covered and extra days in sub-pathsStory
[RNE014-4035]Multiple COSS agencies in control. Тhe name of the COSS agencies is not visible in the pop-up.Bug
[RNE014-4042]The dashboard sidebar is broken in the case of a long label name. When the label name is too long, the sidebar width is increased and it covers the grid in the dashboard.Bug
[RNE014-4044]Only departure time should be marked as required when the path section is of alternative origin. Bug
[RNE014-4045]Train parameters template request fails in the dossier wizardBug
Taken in Patch Release
Thursday, 11 March, 2021