Participating IM


Participating IM is the IM whose operation points was chosen by Applicants in the path, but the leading role belongs to other chosen IM. Each participating IM is in pair with one or more Applicants. There is no limit for the number of participating IMs. Each IM has assigned part of IM timetable.

IM should check, add or correct the dossier according to his needs. In the timetable, part IM can adjust his dedicated section only.

 There are not any actions regarding dossier management for the participating IMs. However, leading IM cannot perform the critical action without approval by all participating IMs. In fact, green acceptance light is needed.

If it is used partially harmonized process or the process is changed to partially harmonized, the participating IM will have to act as a leading IM in particular phases. For details please check partially harmonized process.


Summary of phases with reading and writing rights for participating IM into the dossier data fields: Path Elaboration; Post-processing; Path Consulting Conference; Path Study Elaboration; Conference mode in Path Study Elaboration phase; Path Modification Elaboration; Path alteration conference.


In all other phases is dossier read-only. For further details please check the particular phase.