Participating Applicant


Participating Applicant is the Applicant which was chosen and ask by leading Applicant for participation in the dossier. There is no limit on the number of participating Applicants, but each participating Applicant (including the leading Applicant) must be responsible for at least one path section of the timetable. Dossier proposal is done by leading Applicant. Basically, each participating Applicant has to decide, if he collaborates on that dossier with this business case. If so, he should check and/or correct the dossier according to his needs. In the timetable part Applicant can adjust his dedicated part only:

  • Editing national IM parameters within his pair
  • Editing, adding, removing subpaths in his territory
  • Working with origin calendar of his subpaths respecting the given days from the leading Applicant

 There are not any actions regarding dossier management for the participating Applicants (the only exception is Accept/Reject alternative offer when dossier with PaP is requested and C-OSS offers alternative PaP). However, leading Applicant cannot perform the critical action without approval by all participating Applicants. In fact, green acceptance light is needed.

If the dossier goes into a partially harmonized process or the process is changed to partially harmonized, the participating Applicant will have to act as a leading Applicant in particular phases. For details please check partially harmonized process.

Summary of phases with reading and writing rights for leading Applicant into the dossier data fields: Harmonization, Harmonization Conference, Observations and Acceptance (only Comment part for observations), Path modification conference.

In all other phases is dossier read-only. For further details please check the particular phase.

There is one exception of these rights. Applicants have every time possibility to change train composition point. The writing right into this part the of the dossier is not restricted. But inserted train composition has to correspond with inserted train parameters every time.