Non-participating agency


There are agencies in the agency list in the system, which are not using PCS. They are called non-participating agency in PCS. There is no user behind, so it is not possible to make any changes in the dossier from this agency. If there is such an agency in the dossier, the acceptance indicator for it is always shown as grey.

The data including all mandatory parameters for these agencies are provided by their PCS active partners during dossier creation.

There is a legal purpose to have this kind of agency in PCS. The active PCS agency that is using PCS for the path ordering has to be able to choose its own partners from the agency list in order to place proper correct path request. Particular IM assigned to the non-participating Applicant should check and pair PCS request to the corresponding national request, if any. Then IM answers in the same way like for the active agency.