New Path Request process TTP 2024 - Roadmap towards Path Request submission deadline

  1. November 2022

  • 31.10.2022 to 16.11.2022 EOD: IM national particularities update in PCS for TTP 2024

  • 17.11.2022: data dump from PCS Production to PCS test sites. This dump will also delete the data (e.g. dossiers) that will have existed until the dump 

  • 22.11.2022: opening of the Timetable Period 2024 on all PCS sites 

  • Publication of the PCS shared schema for improved PaPs handling 


  1. December 2022

  • Configuration of PCS Test 2 by RNE: testing with TTP 2023 Production may be available from December 

  • RNE to send to each IM a Master data overview for information and review (loco types, activity types, IM parameters, common parameters) 

  • 02.12.2022 target: heartbeat connection working between RNE and all connecting companies (adjustments may be required if some IMs are not yet ready). Please note that path requests are usually submitted via PCS in the weeks before the deadline, however, applicants can submitted them from 22.11.2022 


  1. January 2023 

  • Call between RNE and each IM to review the roadmap and any open topics 


  1. February 2023 

  • Early February 2023 (exact date to be defined): master data report is sent to the IMs for information and review


  1. March 2023 

  • Early March 2023 (exact date to be defined):  

    • RNE to send to each IM the overview of the Production data (e.g., border stations, applicants’ company codes, some network-specific parameters, parameters fulfilled by applicants and to be expected in PRMs). 

    • Data dump from PCS production site to PCS Test 2: testing based on Production data (see more details below regarding PCS Test 2 way of working) 

  • 14.03.2023 to 17.03.2023: FTE B Passenger Traffic Coordination Conference 

  • 20.03.2023 to 23.03.2023: FTE B Freight Traffic Coordination Conference 

  • After the FTE conferences (exact date to be defined): Data dump from PCS production site to PCS Test 2 


  1. April 2023 

  • 11.04.2022: Path Request submission deadline for the New Path Request process – TTP 2024 


General information regarding PCS Test sites

  • Simultaneous use of PCS Test 2 and PCS Test 4 sites is possible (whenever PCS Test 2 is also indicated as open for testing)  

  • PCS Test 4: applicants and IM test accounts are available to all 

  • PCS Test 2:  

    • Login credentials are the same as for PCS Production site  

    • Outbound communication (from PCS to IMs/ABs/Applicants): please contact RNE support team for triggering the messages (e.g. dossier id) 

    • Inbound communication (IMs/ABs/Applicants to PCS): no need for RNE’S trigger