In order to have an overview of events that are handled in the Integration Platform, like dossier creations and updates, a new monitoring user interface is developed. The access to it is restricted to a small set of existing PCSIP users. If you would like to monitor your tests, please refer to PCS Support ( to provide you with the access to the monitoring tool. The link can be found in the reference list [4].

Users can filter among their operations by:

  • Entering the particular dossier id
  • Selecting from date
  • Selecting to date
  • Selecting the particular web-service operation from the list:
    • updateOperationPoint
    • createSingleDossier
    • updateDossierRUIMPair
    • updateCatalog
    • makeObservation
    • updatePath
    • updatePathSection
    • updateDossierStatus
    • createSubsidiary
    • updateProgressStatus
  • Selecting the status of the result from a list:
    • Success
    • Failed

Mediation protocol