Migration from PCS Next Generation to PCS Envelope Concept


Migration scope

All dossiers from TT2018, TT2019 and TT2020 has been migrated. Dossiers in PCS NG style (including former timetable periods) are available in PCS NG read-only environment.

Dossiers not migrated

For some reasons the following dossiers were not migrated:

  • TT2020: '200009','200578','200581','202292','205042','205046','205047','205088','205201','205273','205559','205561','205663','206267','206311','206526','206611','206618','206874','206877','211365','202291','204528'
  • TT2019: '190493','190617','190939','191638','192148','192154','192924','192928','192957','193211','198161','198162','198165','198166','184233','186725','192374','192376','192378','192380','192382','192384','192386','192388','192390','192422','192431','192791','192859','192916','192927','192938','192942','192943','192950','192952','192953','192955','192956','192960','192961','192963','193265'

Migration rules

Sub-paths in PCS EC version get the title "Main" or "Subsidiary" depending on the original timetable

Calendar overlapping constraints of PCS EC are not applied for the migrated dossiers

Singe path section problem

In PCS EC version each sub-path of territory must contain at least two locations (path sections). In the current timetables of PCS, it happens sometimes, when a pair (applicant - IM) has only one location. In this case, during the migration, we duplicate this location.

Migration challenges

There are some special cases, where general logic cannot be applied or the structures of PCS NG and PCS EC are not in line with each other.

  • Main with jumping territories* and subsidiaries with jumping territories -> in case if they have the same structure (same order of the territories) we will perform the migration
  • Main with jumping territories and subsidiary without jumping territories -> we are going to check the borders - if borders are not the same we are going to add it to the first territory
  • Main without jumping territories and subsidiary with jumping territories - if we have dossiers with this kind of structure, we handle them case by case.
  • The subsidiary has territory not present in Main -> in this case we are going to add it at the end by default or according to RNE recommendation

*Jumping territories: we are jumping in and out to the same territory. In this case, the timetable goes like this, for example, Germany - Austria - Germany.


Sub-path titles from the timetable origin


Main timetable view vs. Path Variants view for the whole stretch

A single location is duplicated in EC

Company Type