Loco type as train parameter



From version 2.7.0 (2020) a new structure of the loco type is created where the following mapping is applied from the old to the new structure.

For the Type of loco, we followed the following logic:

  • when the type of engine is electric WITHOUT multiple units then it is an Electric loco
  • when the type of engine is diesel WITHOUT multiple units then it is a Diesel loco
  • when the type of engine is electric WITH multiple units and the traction max speed is equal to or higher than 200, then it is a High speed electric multiple units
  • when the type of engine is electric WITH multiple units then it is an Electric multiple units
  • when the type of engine diesel WITH multiple units then it is a Diesel multiple units
  • in any other cases will be Miscellaneous, like steam and hybrid loco types

The purpose of this documentation is to show where an overview of the published locos can be found, how to enter them into the dossier, how to copy as a part of the train parameters.


Overview of the registered locos

Loco type table is available for Applicants and IMs as well under the administration menu, however only IMs can edit them, Applicants have read-only access.



Locomotives published by IMs are displayed in a grid view, where the user can filter by the following:

  • Timetable period
  • IM (Agency)
  • Series number

Please note that new loco types can be created anytime without restrictions by the IMs, however, a loco type could be deleted and edited only, if the loco type is not used in any dossiers. 

The loco types administration for IMs is explained in another document.

How to use the loco in a dossier

Single Loco

This is how the traction details look like before entering the mandatory fields in edit mode:

Users can select locos from the list of locos registered by the IM responsible for the specific location user is editing. 

You can start typing the loco type number or the explanation and PCS will filter the list of locos registered in the system.


Once the loco is selected, PCS automatically fulfils the traction maximum speed, weight, and length from the DataBase and adds the values to the Train weight and length, too (they become the minimum value). 

Train radio system and train CC system 

The train radio and control system fields are now located in the train parameters, below the route class and max. axle weight fields. The available values on the list (multiple-selection) are the union of the values from all added locos. 

You can select a train control system from the list if it was added by the IM when registering a loco in the system. 

Adding more locos

Use the "Add another entry" button. to add another loco. To delete use the well-known red bin icon.   
For more details check the: "How to apply multiple train sets" document.

Note: if multiple locos are added, the values in the drop-down list for the "Train radio system" and "Train cc system" fields are the union of values from all selected locos. 


Copy loco

Open the document "How to edit and copy train parameters" document and please check the detailed description to learn how to copy the locos across other locations.