The basic function of a link is to make a reference, from a Dossier to another Dossier. In other words, a link defines a relationship between two or more Dossiers.


Building a link between dossiers acts as a quick search, serving the quick access between dossiers. 

Building link

The function is available in the following phases:

  • Open
  • Harmonization

Links are unidirectional, it exists in the dossier where it has been established.  If DossierA is linked to DossierB then the link only available(visible) in DossierA. It can be bidirectionally set up, then DossierB has to be linked to DossierA.

Use the "+Add new link" button to create a link. It opens a search wizard window where you can search for the dossier to link to. Select the dossier by ticking the check-box and press the "Link selected" button to save your action.

To remove the link press the red recycle bin icon.


Dossiers that are in the Open phase cannot be linked together. If a dossier is Open phase can be linked with a dossier that is the Harmonization or after Harmonization phase.

The linking dossiers together regardless of the process types. E.g.:  if a dossier is created in the Late Path Request process can be linked together with a dossier that is created in the New Path Request process type.

You can link multiple dossiers together.

Link established until it will be removed. It works if a dossier is closed. 


The link is only visible for those agencies that are involved in both dossiers. See the following use case: 

DossierA is linked to DossierB.


  • ÖBB-I
  • VPE
  • CFR-I


  • ÖBB-I
  • VPE

CFR-I will not see the link if the DossierA is linked to DossierB. They will not be able to access the dossier.