Dossiers in PCS can be linked together. A link makes it possible to switch very quickly between the two dossiers. A link is set up using the button New link. The search template comes up, where the required dossier can be searched for.

From among the hits that are found, a link can be created to a dossier. A comment may be inserted for the created link. The link becomes permanently established. If a link needs to be disconnected, this can be done by marking it and using the remove function.


  • When linking dossiers together the dossiers must leave "Open phase", access rights checked and taken into account. A company which does not have access to a dossier will not be shown a link to that dossier. E.g.: There is a dossier A, participants are DB, ÖBB and SBB. There is a Dossier B, participants are DB and ÖBB. Dossier A has a link to Dossier B. This link will only be displayed to the DB and the ÖBB. The SBB will not receive this link and therefore has no access to it.
  • Links are established unidirectionally. For example "Dossier A > Dossier B". Dossier B, therefore won't have a link to Dossier A. The user must establish that link, if needed and if it is possible, from B to A as well to have it bidirectionally.
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