How to work with Links



The document describes how the links are working.


The "Links" function is located on the left navigation panel of any dossier:

Existing links

If the dossier contains already established links then the total number of linked dossiers shows in the text box next to the "Links" label. In the below example the dossier is linked with 3 dossiers already.

Add link

It opens the "Add new link" wizard window: 

Search for dossier

You can search by:

  • Dossier ID
  • Dossier name
  • International train number
  • PaP ID/Catalogue ID

Start type in your search criteria and press the "Search" button.

After hitting the  "Search" button, PCS proposes the list of dossiers based on your entered keyword.  The search works with the  "contains" criteria. For example, if you get multiple results, the user has the option to link multiple dossiers at once.

Once at least one item is selected the "Link selected" button becomes available.

If the link is established a link is created on the Dossier ID, click the link to access the linked dossier.

Add comment

It is possible to enter comments to the linked dossier. See the screenshot above where to place the comment if it is required.


Links can be removed at any time by selecting the one you don't need, then pressing the "red trash" icon to delete it.

Use cases

See the below examples if DossierA linked with DossierB:

1# DossierB is closed 

  • Link is valid
  • Delete option enabled 

2# DossierA is closed

  • Link is valid
  • Delete option disabled