How to use Control


As Control isĀ an essential part of dossier management it is necessary to know how to change acceptance indicators and how to promote or withdraw a dossier among the different phases. There are background promotions in the system when PCS promotes the dossiers automatically based on the timeline, phase, and color of the acceptance indicator (for further information and background promotion details please check PCS Process Guidelines for the particular timetable period), however, in this topic the focus will be on the management of single dossiers.

Control view

In Control the user can see a similar view to Basic Data. The Applicant - IM pairs are shown there with their acceptance indicator status. However, there is some additional information on this screen.

  • The current dossier phase or phases in case of a partial offer
  • The past and possible future dossier phases
  • Possibility to change the agency's acceptance indicator
  • Notification about missing mandatory parts in the dossier, e.g. train parameters, time on the reference point, etc. If the user clicks on the blue link, PCS will lead him to the part where something is missing.
  • Possibility to promote the dossier

Colors for the acceptance indicators

A star symbol indicates a leading Applicant or IM company next to the bubble.

Change acceptance indicators

The default color of the acceptance indicator is blue (not yet processed). This is the color also if the dossier was withdrawn or rejected and arrives at a phase where dossier already was, e.g. from Path Request to Harmonization.

If the user saves the dossier (creates a new dossier version) the acceptance indicator will be upgraded automatically from blue to yellow.

In case the acceptance indicator was already set to green by the user, but he would like to change it to yellow or red, it is possible to do that. Please note that it is not possible to change back the light to blue.

If the user likes to change the acceptance indicator to red for some reason, he has to place there a mandatory comment as an explanation of his action.

Acceptance indicator change can be done one by one using the bubble next to the agency.

And acceptance indicators can be changed together for all pairs where the agency is involved.

Dossier promotion

Once when the acceptance indicators are in the right color the leading or the involved agency can promote the dossier. For further details about the dossier promotion, access control, and pre-conditions, please check the relevant documentation by the phases.

In the current example, as every light was set to green, the leading Applicant can promote the dossier to Path Request. Please note that after most of the dossier promotion there isn't any confirmation question from PCS, it will promote the dossier immediately.

If the user made a mistake and he would like to withdraw the dossier to a former phase then it is possible in the following cases:

  • By leading Applicant:
    • From Path Request to Harmonization
    • From Path Elaboration to Harmonization
    • From Harmonization Conference to Harmonization
    • From Feasibility Study Request to Harmonization
    • From Feasibility Study Elaboration to Harmonization
    • From Path Modification Conference to Active Timetable
  • By leading IM:
    • From Feasibility Study Conference to Feasibility Study Elaboration
    • From Feasibility Study Result to Feasibility Study Elaboration
    • From Path Request to Harmonization (rejection)
    • From Path Elaboration to Harmonization (rejection)

When a user withdraws or rejects a dossier he always has to put there a mandatory comment as an explanation of his action.

Change production-related acceptance indicators

In the dossier, there are also production-related acceptance indicators for every involved Applicant. In former PCS versions (4.x) it was possible to change them only via the Control view, however since version 5.0 they can be changed in Basic Data. The user has to choose edit agencies and then it is possible to change the production-related acceptance indicator to green.

Partial Harmonization/Partial Offer

Depending on the process and the phase it is possible to have partially harmonized dossiers. In this case, the different phases and access are shown in Control in the following way.

The screen in Control is split into two separated streams. The one above is already in Observations when in the meantime the one below is still in Path Elaboration. The possible actions of the Applicant also depend on this. Above in Observations, it is already possible to release partial post-processing, however below the Applicant is still waiting for the draft offer.