How to monitor web services



PCS Interface users are able to monitor their sent messages on the Integration Platform from their legacy system to PCS.


The monitoring is located in the "Web services" main menu under the "Mediation protocol" submenu:

Access to monitoring

The "integration platform" user role can be granted by PCS Support (

With this access right to the "Web services" main menu will be enabled for the requestor.


the following operations are available for monitoring:

  • Entering the particular dossier id
  • Selecting from date
  • Selecting to date
  • Selecting the particular web-service operation from the list:
    • createSingleDossier
    • updateDossierRUIMPair
    • updateCatalog
    • makeObservation
    • updatePath
    • updatePathSection
    • updateDossierStatus
    • createSubpath
    • updateProgressStatus
    • startPathModification
    • startPathAlteration
    • rejectPathModification
    • adjustValidityPeriod
    • askForOfferAdoption
    • processPathalteration
    • processPathModification
    • updateLocoTypes
    • removeLocoTypes
    • importLocoTypes
  • Selecting the status of the result from a list:
    • Success
    • Failed

The grid lists all operations that you sent with its statuses, each row represents a request:

How to check errors

If you notice that your operation failed you can check for the errors in your sent operation request.

Click the ID number link in the grid. It opens the Mediation protocol details window:

The detail window divided into two sections, the operation details on the left and your sent code on the right.

The code can be copied out into a source code editor tool (e.g.: Notepad++) for further troubleshooting using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V)

Button description:

  • Back: go back to the previous page
  • Request: your sent operation request (code) 
  • Response: your response received

Click the "Response" button to check for errors:

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The status of the operation shows if an error occurred. In case of successful operation, the response is always: <status>100<status>! 

Status codes (error codes)

A list of errors can be found in the "Web Services Status Codes" submenu.

You can filter for the error code:

The description column describes the error: Invalid IM parameter value. It looks like that you entered an invalid IM parameter value that does not exist in the system.

Finally, you can identify where is your mistake in the codes.