How to manage comments



In PCS it is possible to place comments as a basic communication channel between the involved parties.

Once the comments are entered it is visible to all involved agencies.

This document will describe how to work with the comments in PCS.



Comments are located in the "Comments" dossier segment:

The total number of entered comments are also shown next to the "Comments" label:


Access Control

You can manage your comments in the phases where you have editing rights based on your role in PCS.


Manage comments

Check out possible actions to manage your comments. How to:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Filter



Once the Comment segment is selected in the dossier-level menu you can start typing your comment:


Expand text area:

Use the arrow for the edit textbox to expand for more space if you enter longer text:

Hover over the text area until your mouse cursor will change into a two-direction arrow then press your mouse button and move up-down for resizing the text area.


  • Clear: clears your entered comment before the saving
  • Add comment: save your comment



To edit your comments click the pencil icon  to modify your comment:

PCS gives you the freedom to edit your comments whenever you have the right to edit them. E.g.: if you added a comment earlier in the Harmonization phase you can edit it in the Acceptance phase:

After updating a previously added comment, PCS will label the changes as "Edited" and update the timestamp when saving:



Use the bin icon to delete your comments.

You can delete your comment whenever you have the right to edit them. 

If you decide to delete a comment the system displays a confirmation message to warn you of your activity.

If you click "OK" then your comment is deleted and it will no longer be available in PCS. It displays the text that the "Comment Deleted".

Deleting a comment does not change the total number of comments, you still have the same amount of added comments as before:



You can use the filter to filter out the comments by type of comments:

The available type of comments is described in the Comments document. Scrolling to the bottom of the page links to access this document.