How to make Observation



It describes how to make observations after the IMs sent the Draft Offer where  Applicants are invited to observe the offer.



The "Make observation" button is shown only for applicants.



Only works in the New Path Request (NPR) process type.



The "Make observation" button is visible only in the Observation phase. Once the dossier is promoted to Post-Processing it will be hidden.  



The  "Make Observation" button is located under the Comments dossier segment. 


The make observation button can be found on the right side top of the text area.


Make observation

The "Make observation" wizard helps you to make the observation in a structured way. It contains the following fields that can be selected:

  • Involved IMs: lists the involved IMs in the dossier; select the involved IMs who would like to make the observation with; multiple IMs can be selected:


  • Involved part: lists involved parts which are basically the territory and its origin-destination points in the dossier; select the involved part:


  • Section: select "From" operation point and "To" which operation point you would make the observation:


  • Reason: there are predefined reasons that can be selected:


  • Justified objection: tick the checkbox to select the justified objection. If it is selected to be true, you have to enter a text comment in order to be able to save the observation.
  • Comment: it is a free text field, it is possible to enter your own comments with or without justified objection



To finish the observation, save your work.Your  observation will be saved and displayed in the comments along with the details of the wizard you entered earlier: