How to edit reserved capacity



The new PCS version supports edit reserved capacity because of a requirement for PCS to comply with C-OSS guidelines.

To solve that, PCS was extended with additional options in the timetable view. IM can give different offers for different days for the same PaP. 

This document describes how to edit reserved capacity in Path Elaboration or the Post-processing phases.


Process type

PCS supporters the edit reserved capacity feature only for the New Path Request process (NPR) type.


Where to find

  • Open a dossier
  • Select IM timetable
  • Select territory/subpath
  • Click the edit subpath button on the right



There are various options available to edit reserved capacity:

  • Clear all PaP capacity: you keep the timetable, but you make the “blue” PaP to “white” tailor-made for all PaP origin-destination pairs that are used in the subpath.

  • Remove PaP dossier: you delete the PaP from the timetable.

  • Clear PaP capacity: you keep the timetable, but you make the “blue” PaP to “white” tailor-made.


How it works

What was possible before?

  • IM could edit the times of the regular flex PaP points
  • IM could edit the parameters of each PaP points

What is new?

  • IM can give an offer for the same PaP by splitting the paths with a feature “Copy sub-path with PaPs"
  • IM can remove days from the calendar of the reserved PaP capacity
  • IM can clear completely the reserved PaP calendar using the "Clear PaP capacity" options (all or for one).
  • IM can delete the PaP from the IM timetable using the "Remove PaP dossier" option.

What is still CANNOT be done?

IM cannot increase the calendar of the path that contains the PaP


Confirmation messages

Before you clear or delete the reserved capacity PCS will warn you with the following messages to confirm your next activities.

Clear All PaP capacity

Remove PaP dossier

Clear PaP capacity


Web Service

How to solve it for interface users? There are two solutions you can do:

- Send an update of the sub-path that contains the PaP, but with fewer running days.

-Or create a new tailor-made sub-path with running days existing in the sub-path with PaP. PCS will de-select automatically those days due to the calendar "switch" function.

Other information

  • The C-OSS has to be informed about reduced operation days of PaPs. PCS sends notifications to all corridor users from coss agencies that are affected by the reserved capacity change.
  • If you use the "Clear PaP capacity" function the C-OSS manager remains in the dossier.
  • Calendar reduction works for Fix and Flex PaPs
  • End of the Pre-booking period, PCS returns all not requested capacity to the IMs so that they don’t block anymore the capacity in the annual planning