How to edit and copy train parameters



This document describes how to edit the train parameters when creating or editing a dossier.


There are two ways to edit the train parameters:

  • in the create new dossier wizard (CNDW) in  "Edit train parameters" step or  
  • If you skip editing the train parameters step in the wizard and you add them later in an existing dossier

You can access the CNDW steps until the dossier is in the draft version. 


The function is placed into different places in the CNDW or when editing a dossier.


Open the draft version of your dossier and go to step four to  "Edit train parameters". 


Existing dossier

If you want to edit train parameters in an existing dossier, the "Edit train parameters" button is not visible when you open the dossier.

Follow the steps to access the function:

1. Open an existing dossier

2. Select timetable

3. Select territory/subpath. 

4. Click a path section(operation point) to expand from more details and then the button will be visible.

Mandatory parameters

In edit mode where you need to fill the train parameters, some fields are marked mandatory that are required information for the IMs/ABs.:

If the entered value is correct the indication changes:

If you have entered an incorrect value the system will warn you with a tooltip:

- when there are built-in constraints

- when the required field format is invalid

 On the left bottom of the screen, there are two additional options are available:

  • Copy parameters
  • Save as new template


Copy Parameters

If you are ready with entered parameters you have the choice to copy them over with the"Copy parameters" function. The Copy wizard contains 2 steps:

  • Select type of parameters
  • Select destination

Parameters that are selected to be copied will be highlighted in the wizard.

Select parameters

You have the possibility to choose to copy individual common train parameters, comments, traction details, IM parameters or there will be an option to select all parameters with one action. By default, all options will be deselected. If all are selected, then you can de-select elements for copying one by one.

Define what type of parameters you want to copy over:

If more than one IM agency is involved then the IM parameters are unable to copy between different IM agencies because these parameters are established by each IM according to their business needs. (For further information please visit the Working with IM parameters document.)

Press "Continue".

Select destination

In the next step, you are able to select the destination, where to copy the parameters. Select path sections and/or subpaths:

  • Select all
  • Select path section
  • Select individually

Note: In the Create New Dossier Wizard (CNDW) parameters can be copied to all territories and subpaths with a few clicks regardless of whether I am responsible for the area. Once the dossier is created you are able to copy parameters only on that territory where you are responsible!

Press "Continue". Then the system will alert you by replacing the data with the selected path section. If you agree by clicking OK, the data will be copied. If you disagree it allows you to correct and reselect the destination.