How the distance editor works



this document describes how the distance editor works. It gives an overview of who can access what? And how can they edit?



It can be found in the "Pre-constructed Products" main menu under the "Distance editor" submenu.



The distance editor is visible for the followings user groups :


  • C-OSS
  • IMs/ABs
  • Administrators (PSC Team)


  • C-OSS
  • Administrators (PSC Team)



Generally, the distances are imported with the PaP import sheet. You can Edit existing operation point pairs or create new ones.

Steps you need to do to update existing values:

1. Open the distance editor view

At the moment the grid is empty there are no items to display.

2. Select the country/ IM agency from the drop-down list where you wish to update the operation pair distances. The "Country" field is required to fill then the "Search" button will be enabled.

Once you press "Search" it lists previously registered operation point pairs.

3. Press "Edit"  to edit the existing pairs in the edit view

4. Update the values that you wish:

  • Location (From)
  • Location (To)
  • Distance 

In the "Location (From)" always the operation point always displayed where you pressed the edit button next to it. 

The "Distance" is shown in the decimal format up to 3 digits in KiloMeter.

5. Press "Save"



You have the possibility to add new operation point pairs manually.  In order to do you have to press the  button.

The button is located on the right top corner:

All you need to do is to define the distance pairs and enter the distance value in KM.

1. Click the button to open the "Add distance" wizard.

2. Start typing the name of the new operation point pairs in the fields, PCS lists the registered operation points. You only need to select which one you need with your mouse.

3. Once you filled the required fields the "Save" button will be enabled. You save your new entry.


Possible errors:

1. You can select operation points that already exist in Common Reference DataBase (CRD)

2. If you enter an operation name which does not exist the system will not be able to propose the list and you will not be able to create or save your required entry.

3. If you enter an invalid format into the KM field you will get the following error message:


Company Type