How to create and manage templates



This document describes how to manage your templates in the template manager.

In PCS is possible to create templates for Train Parameters in two ways:

  • Go to Administration > Template Manager > Train Parameters
  • Save Applicant/IM/COSS Timetable filled parameters  as a template 


Template manager


The template manager submenu is located under the Administration main menu:

For IMs/ABs/RFCs an additional submenu appears: Parameter set codes. (This will be described in another document linked to this article at the bottom of the page.)



Before start creating the template you have to select the Timetable period where you want to use your template.

The default value is always the "next timetable" period. So if you want to create a template for the annual timetable you should select the correct timetable period.

You have to press the button to create a new template. The button is located on the right top corner. It opens the Add template wizard to edit the train parameters which is similar to the edit train parameters wizard.



  • Name: the name of the parameter is a required field.
  • IM agency: select the IM agency want to create for
  • Train type: cargo or passenger. select the train type where the template you want to use. This is in line with your company profile registered in PCS. If you have both profiles, both train types will be listed.
  • Tick the checkbox to create the type of template: Common train parameters or/and IM parameters template, it is a required field.

The required fields vary by agency type.


You need to define the IM agency that your template will be created for


Once you filled the required fields then you can save the template.


Fo IMs/ABs the "IM agency field" is set for your own agency by default.


Rail freight corridors can only manage their parameter set code templates, the train parameters submenu is not available to them.



The system allows you to manage your templates at any time because it is not connected to dossiers. The update/delete does not apply to dossiers that previously used template values.


Click the "Edit" button to modify your templates.




Select a template and press the "Delete selected" button.



Save as template

You have the option of saving the entered train parameters as templates, thus reusing these templates and copying the parameters later. 


The button is located in the Edit Train Parameters Wizard, fixed at the bottom of the screen:



In the "Save as new template" wizard, you name your template, e.g.: Mytemplate and you select the type of template. 

Once you press the "Create template" button, your template will be saved in PCS.

Copy from template


The button is located on the "Territories" tab for all actors (Applicants/IMs/ABs/RFCs):


Train parameters can be saved as templates by entering the Alternative branch where the C-OSS TT can be edited in the Create Alternative Offer phase. The function works the same as above.

You can copy the templates as described below. They can't manage their templates only with PCS support assitance.


To copy the train parameters you do the following:

  • Open a dossier
  • Select a Timetable
  • Select a territory/subpath
  • Click to "Copy"
  • Select the "Train parameters from template" option
  • Choose which template you'd like to use
  • Press "Apply"

Once you press "Apply" it copies the train parameters to all subpaths and within the subpaths to all path sections where you are responsible.


Template Owner

When you create a template, you become the owner of the template. As the owner of the template, you will have full control over the template. If you are not the owner, you cannot edit/delete the templates, the "Edit" button is greyed out for you.

In the example below TestUser2 is the owner of MyTestUser2 template and the "Edit" button is enabled for editing. The MyTestUser1 and the MyTemplateManager templates are created with different users where the editing is disabled.



The parameter name should be unique by Timetable period and IM agency. If you try to save a template in the timetable period with the same template name that already exists for the agency, you will receive an error message: