How the collaboration works in PCS


Dossier editing by other users

During peak loads of the timetable period like FTE Conferences, Path Request deadline, Draft Offer deadline etc. it's likely that more than one user enters to the same dossier in the same time. In this case the users must be aware of this fact. As it is written in the following chapter, if a user changes and saves something in the dossier, the other users have to update the dossier to the newest version. The notification looks like the following, if someone else is editing the dossier:

Show editors

In this case the users have the option to get in contact with the other editors. User can use the link "show editors" to check who else is working in the dossier.

Dossier editing users

Dossier has been modified by someone else

When a dossier has been modified someone else, other users unfortunetaly lose their not saved work. In this case all users should update the dossier to the latest version. Notification of a new dossier version appears at the top of the screen similar to the other editors notification:

Update dossier to new version

If a user ignores the notification and still likes to save his/her work, a red error message will appear at the top of screen.

Error message, dossier has been modified

In order to continue the work the user must update to the newest dossier version.