How to apply multiple train sets


This document is entitled to present how to apply the multiple train sets. PCS has a new development, a built-in, an improved calculation method. The system can automatically calculate the weight and length parameters of the train after entering the locomotive type number. Please note that the train max. speed is excluded from the calculation.

In the below examples see some use cases that describes how to apply it correctly:

Use case 1 – no wagons or carriages

This use case is relevant in the case of the Passenger train, which are using multiple-units or train sets.

  1. Enter Loco type number
  2. Weight carriages set to “0”
  3. Length carriages set to “0”

Use case 2 – enter the weight/length carriages set

This use case is more relevant for Cargo trains or when the Planners have to enter weight/length carriages set values.

When you enter the locomotive type number to add more traction units, the calculation method updates the max Train Weight/Length fields. Here the calculation works automatically. But once when you need to enter the Weight/Length set of carriages then you must press the “Reset pre-calculation” button to get the exact value of all fields, otherwise the max. the Train Weight / Length fields are NOT updated with the new values if you save your work!