How to add borders



This document demonstrates how to add border points to your path request properly when PCS is connected to BigData. When the connection is established the following changes applied: 

No more double coded locations! 

Meaning: it is not possible to code the same border point twice between the neighboring country IM's responsibility as it was working before in the system.

E.g.: Emmerich GRENS under the responsibility of Prorail and Emmerich Grenze under the responsibility of DB-Netz. Emmerich is coded twice in the system, although it is geographically in Germany and not in the Netherlands. Meaning the operator IM should be DB-Netz.

How do apply the borders properly?

Use case 1 - State border

In case you are using a state border in your request, you have to apply the followings:

  • Apply the same departure time on the state borders
  • Activity type: run through. Apply the correct activity type when editing the train parameters.
  • Do not enter dwell time if the activity type is defined as run-through!

Define the correct location type:

Use case 2 - Handover point

In case you are using a handover station in your request. Generally, is the point where planning responsibility is handed over from one IM to another. 

  • apply the same point twice and set the proper responsible IM
  • define the arrival time on the first 
  • define the departure time at the second 
  • Location type: Handover point. Apply the correct location type when editing the train parameters.

Define the correct location type: