Harmonization without PaPs



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This video shows an example of Harmonization without PaPs. Let's log in as Metrans (mtd) and on the next screen let's look for dossiers in the 2018 filter that can be valid for this presentation. In the table view, we can see a Dossier example of harmonization without PaPs and without Train ID in the Open phase.

If we check the different options on the left we can see the details in the RU Timetable and change its details. We click on the edit button and we can see the option to add new operation points and your partner RU changing times. If needed, we can change the Train parameters. Also, we can change the running days, we click on "Calendar" and used the Edit Calendar button to change those running days. It looks fine for now so we press cancel to continue. So let's release the dossier into Harmonization going into Control. This means we will release the dossier to our partners.

Clicking on "Release harmonization" triggers an email notification from the system to our partner DB Cargo Hungary in the Ad-hoc and Late Path Request process. Now, let's log out as Metrans and log in as DB Cargo Hungary (dbshu) to see the changes. In the recent activity filter we can see the first line containing already our dossier, so we don't even need to check in a different filter or search for our dossier.

In the RU Timetable, we see now similar actions as Metrans had. We will edit the timetable, but now in the Harmonization phase, we are restricted only to the area where DB Cargo Hungary is in control. Still, we can add a new operation point and change the responsible agency. The system copies automatically the parameters from the point before. In our example, we will have to check them later since it copies the data from our RU partner. Maybe we need only the departure time because it will be a run-through point.

Now we can change the parameters of our new point.  As we indicated before, the parameters were copied from the above operation point. So, we click now in Train Parameters, remove the activity type to "Run through". Let's also add the Hungarian loco as the system cannot copy the Slovakian loco to the Hungarian point. Now we are ready with the train parameters and save them. We go back to the timetable.

We can also check the calendar. In this case, since we are not the leading RU we cannot edit the dates.

We have finished our work and now it is time to change the status of our agency. In Control, we change our value to "Accepted" and give our green light.

Now, let's go back as the leading RU Metrans. As before, we can directly see in a recent activity our dossier. Once inside, we check the RU Timetable and see the addition of the new operation point. To know what are the differences we can compare the timetables. For further information here, please check our documentation.

Now that we feel that our dossier is ok, let's go to Control and change our agency status to green. Our dossier is ready to be sent to path requests.

For further information and actions, please check our other videos and documentation.